Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring of the hot and cold domestic water services is carried out on all premises other than domestic dwellings. Monthly temperature monitoring can be time consuming, but it is a legal requirement. Records of the results obtained should be kept.

Direct-Water can provide you with the tools and paperwork to carry out your own temperature monitoring regime, or can provide a monthly service to conduct it on your behalf.

Where other systems such as cooling towers, swimming pools or whirlpool spas are on site, a separate temperature monitoring regime is also necessary.

Our temperature monitoring report will contain the following information about your domestic water system:

  • Stored water within CWST
  • CWST inlet
  • Stored water within calorifier/cylinder
  • Calorifier/cylinder flow/return pipework
  • Sentinel outlets (nearest and furthest outlets from the CWST and calorifer/cylinder)
  • Infrequently used outlets
  • Any other outlets requested