Most hotels, office blocks, large premises, and many older properties have cold water storage tanks. Tanks in the loft space or at the top of the building, is usually gravity fed. Whilst tanks at the bottom or basement of the building, is supplied via a pump/booster sets.

In most cases this storage tank will provide cold water to the bathroom and toilet areas, but in some properties all of the cold water taps may be fed from this tank.

The condition of this tank may have an impact on water quality. Ideally you should only use a tap connected to the mains water supply for drinking, food preparation or teeth cleaning; however if your drinking water comes from a storage tank then it will be safe to use if the tank is properly designed, correctly installed and kept in good condition.

Did you know, every 10 years less than 1in 5 domestic dwellings have their cold water storage tank assessed for cleanliness and water quality. Poor water quality leads to poor health.

At Direct-Water, we take this seriously. That’s why we offer a no obligation free CWST inspection service with digital images and written report, with recommendations of any remedial works should it be required.

Our report will contain the following checks to ensure your tank(s):

  • Not too large, so the water in the tank is frequently replenished with fresh water.
  • Made of approved materials; traditionally tanks were made of galvanised iron and these rust over time leading to bits in the water or a brown or yellowish tinge or a metallic taste.
  • Has a lid which excludes light and is tightly fitting and securely fastened, so that birds, vermin, and dust cannot get in to the water.
  • Has vents, including overflow, that are screened so that insects and particles cannot get in.
  • Insulated and not exposed to sunlight and not located near to any source of heat so the stored water is kept as cold as practicable.
  • Visual checks to make sure there has not been a build up of scale or deposits on the tank floor and the lid and screens are securely in place.
  • Tank/Pipework insulation, so that heat transfer/loss is minimised

This free service is available to properties within the M25, and may be subjected to a mileage fee of £2/mile from our London branch for customers outside this area.