Calorifier Inspection

The bases of calorifiers which collect scale and sediment provide an environment for Legionella growth. Direct-Water engineers can carry out an internal visual inspection of calorifiers with access hatches installed on them. Upon our findings, a report will be generated detailing any build up of sediments/debris, scale, or corrosion which may taking place within the calorifier. Digital images will be taken, providing extra evidence of the internal condition and cleanliness of the vessel. Direct-Water also carry out descaling and disinfections as necessary.

For calorifiers with no access hatch, a sample of drain water can be taken, and its condition noted. We also offer localised disinfection for all calorifers and associated outlets if required.

Reasons for calorifier descaling and disinfections:

  • Calorifier does not reach 60oC
  • High bacteria count or positive results of legionella obtained from calorifer or associated outlet
  • Excessive scale/dirt/sediments/debris found in calorifier upon inspection
  • Funny taste/odour/colour of the water at outlet DHW outlet
  • Dirt/sediments/debris at DHW outlet
  • New installation of hot water calorifier
  • Good practice in the prevention of legionella

We can carry out a one off descale or clean and dis infection service to your hot water calorifier(s), or provide on going contract works to suit your business needs. Direct-Water use a range of biocides and descaling chemicals which all comply with the latest HSE and Acop L8 guideline